Everything that has to do with food is our bread


We study, design and build the most innovative and interesting structures dedicated to the retail food: pastry shops, bakeries, ice cream shops, groceries, restaurants. We collect every request as a new challenge and we identify, together with our customers, a unique taste and style that make each store irresistible in every detail.

We propose a concept in line with the needs of our clients to create the perfect shop, who knows how to get noticed by combining modernity, simplicity and elegance. Our talent is that we know how to combine technical and organizational skills to the taste and to the emotional aspect of the job. In our vision every detail finds meaning and purpose contributing to the success of the entire project.



The Food Retail Division offers a building capacity at the highest level of quality and technology, with the determination of accompanying the project at every stage to achieve the best result, in terms of quality and budget invested.

We offer a team of architects, engineers and craftsmen of first level.

We take care of the technical and constructive development of the plan and the operating management of the construction site, coordinating the various stages of assembly, industrial supplies and equipment until the delivery, respecting the timing fixed.

Also we put great attention and utmost care in the after sales service.

Our wood, metal and plastic material laboratories are provided with modern and advanced equipment.

The quality of our products is demonstrated also by the multiple and meaningful experiences accumulated in the field and by the professional abilities acquired working with great professionals and important international companies.