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Designeria | design DIVISION

The design in which we concentrate more is focused on finding a perfect symbiosis between form and function, an integration, as effective and harmonic as possible, between technological-functional aspects and aesthetic and formal quality. Following the wave of best Italian design traditional we believe in the importance of both factors, the aesthetic and the functional, to ensure an outcome that satisfies on many levels.

The principles that guide us in the study of our objects are quality, appropriateness, and innovation. The Design Division offers consulting and design, projects and development of new products, redesign of existing objects and 3d render that can tell in detail our intervention program.


Our abilities

We have a solid know-how to develop concept especially in the field of home electronics appliances and furnitures, in limited or serial quantity.

The company giveaways are a great benefit, but those created specifically are better. We can provide the idea and the finished product.

We give interesting answers to your needs, working on every scale: you can ask only sketches or choose to outsource the entire project.