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Designeria | communication DIVISION

The Communication Division is responsible for the visual communication of the project that our client decides to implement. A small creative workshop of great talent devoted solely to identify the best strategy and the means to ensure the success of the new venture.

Brand identity, strategy, corporate, packaging, digital design. Depending on your specific needs we will study together the communication plan best suited to the launch of new activities.


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At its core is the idea, and it is the love and respect for this idea that guide us in defining a visual identity, able to enhance the scope and value of the entire project. What we do is create a strong personality for your brand by establishing a unique style, thanks to which a brand or a company are recognized and chosen by its customers.
We care about every aspect of the creative process, because what we want is to better tell your story, a story that we will build together.

The Communication Division of Designeria is small in size, but big in results, thanks to a streamlined and responsive approach, thanks to timely feedback and lack of intermediate filters. Who better than those who produce it understands the needs of your project?